Beginners Tie Dye

Beginners Tie Dye

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A fun workshop for all ages! Come create a beautiful, colorful tee shirt at this beginner tie dye workshop. We will be using the direct application technique. All kids should be accompanied and helped by an adult.

Special note!!! The dye we will be using is PERMANENT ; if it gets on your clothes it will be there for good (well, that is the idea). So wear something that you don’t mind if it becomes multicoloured. If gets on your skin, it will take a while and some effort to get it off (a few days).

We will provide gloves, dye materials, rubber bands and a tee or tank to tie dye.

Workshop begins at 11am and finishes up around 2pm. You will be provided with wash out instructions and bags for your project so it will arrive home safely.

Cost is $25.00 for this workshop