Create A Handbuilt Pit Fired Coil Constructed Vessel
Weekend Clay Workshop



          This workshop focuses on the basics of handbuilding with coil construction technique. Topics that will be covered during this workshop include: handbuilding with clay in its various states of wetness, controlling the material to achieve desired shape, size and surface, and the final result after pit firing the piece.

            Coiling is one of the oldest ways of forming pottery. Clay vessels are built up by using coils of pliable clay, putting one on top of another and joining them together. This process has been used for thousands of years to produce beautiful objects, and still today is an excellent technique when working with clay. This will be an introduction to the coiling process, teaching the basic steps to build, form and finish a clay vessel by hand.

About the Instructor

  • Lyndsey Fryman has worked with clay and specaillized in ceramic arts during her undergraduate studies. She received her BFA in ceramic arts and created several sculptures that are rooted in her experience as a mother, unrealized expectations, and psycological observations in mother-child relationship.