Boating, Fishing & More

Launching a Boat from our Ramp

     The ramp is open 24/7, and launching your own boat from the ramp is $5.00. Stop by the shop and come inside to pay and receive a tag to hang on your dashboard during shop hours. We also have a honesty box, and tags on the outside of the shop for our early boats. Fill out the envelope and leave payment, and the bottom portion of the tag inside the envelope so we can identify your vehicle. Please follow this procedure. Vehicles that are parked without permits and payments are subject to being towed.



Boat Ramp 

Our access point to Stoner Creek is a concreted ramp, which makes it possible for a variety of water crafts to get into and out of the creek safely. The ramp is perfect for small crafts, such as kayaks, and canoes, but also accommodates larger bass boats, and pontoons.

Stoner Creeks water levels rise like a river and do leave a mess on the ramp occasionally. The ramp is cleared of mud and debris after the creek floods by our staff, as quickly as possible for continued access to Stoner Creek.

Fishing off the Banks

Bank fishing is $5.00 a car load. We don't charge per person so load the car down with friends, family and all of your gear. Pay at the shop during regular hours, or drop payment along with name and license number on the pay envelope into our pay box.  

What Species of Fish are in Stoner Creek?

There are many species of native fish in Stoner Creek. Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and Crappie are three of the most popular sport angling fish in the creek. We also see a variety of Catfish species and pan fish, which are often caught by our bank fishermen and campers. 


Fishing From your own Boat

One of the best parts of boat ownership is being able to find new bodies of water to fish. Many of our boaters plan to fish on the creek, do so in their own boat. Most are smaller watercraft, but we do see larger pontoons as well bass boats on the creek via our access point.

Boater Courtesy  

 We ask all of our boaters to use basic boater courtesy while on the creek. There is plenty of water for everyone to share for recreation, but safety is number one over excessive speed from motor boats, as well as respect for private properties along the banks of Stoner Creek.