Paddle Boat Rentals.. Friends, Laughs & Fun

Paddle Boat Rentals

Friends, Laughs & Fun

   The best comment we have ever received from a paddle boat renter was, "that was the best $5.00 I ever spent."  This renter was out camping with his kids; on a very hot day in mid summer. Perplexed I asked, "how?; a Paddle Boat rental was $15.00 for the whole day. The renter pointed to his inflated tube and said, the kids paid for the paddle boat, I tied this to the back and floated along where ever they went. 


     Good Times are a certainty while renting one of these watercraft. They are safe and nearly impossible to flip. Great for kids who want to get out and enjoy the water, and adults who want to tag along. They are also equipped with rod holders for fishing. They can hold up to five and room for storage too.

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