General information about our rentals

Watercraft Rentals

General Info About Our Rentals

       You don't have to own a boat to get out on Stoner Creek. We offer Day long Boat Rentals at a practical, and affordable price.  Most of our boats cost less than $30.00 to rent for the day! You'll have a great time out, and you won't break the bank to get out and enjoy the best of what Stoner Creek has to offer. We are looking to update our rental inventory; but currently we have Jon Boats, Kayaks, and paddle boats in our rental program. We have plans to offer more types of watercraft so the experience can be new again and again.


     A day long rental is from 8:00am to 6:00pm, or the shop hours. A Life jacket or PFD, is included in the rental fee. We encourage you to wear it for your safety;  if you are not wearing the PFD, it cannot prevent you from drowning.


     All rentals should be returned to the ramp, and the renter should stop back at the shop to let the staff know you have turned in rented the equipment. We like to make sure the equipment was working properly during it's use, and hear how your adventure out went. So, don't forget to stop in before you leave for the day.


       Neglectful damage or loss to rented property will result in renter becoming responsible for compensation in repair or replacement cost. Honestly, just treat the rented equipment as though it was one of your belongings, and you want to keep it nice and working for a really long time.


      Finally, once you have finished with the equipment, PLEASE, take what you brought with you. Double check for personal items you may have left in the storage of kayaks.  And empty the garbage out from the watercraft into a garbage can just off the ramp access, Please keep our natural resources clean by keeping garbage, fishing line and the like out of the waterway.


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