Fryman's Boat Dock, The Heart Of Stoner Creek


The Heart of Stoner Creek

Fryman's Boat Dock

Welcome to Fryman's Boat Dock, the Heart of Stoner Creek!   

           Fryman's Boat Dock is one of the few access points into Stoner Creek, and has been since 1936. The history and the many little known facts about our water way, are paralleled to the underestimated length, depth and diversity of the creeks ecosystem. Throw in a mix of local folklore and oddities; and then separating the truth from the "Tall Tales" becomes research that is better than any thing Hollywood can produce.  



Fryman's has been in operation since 1936 when Marcus Lafeyette Daniel Fryman bought the property and opened for business. The property changed hands of ownership in the 1950's when Robert "Bob" Fryman took over and made into a place of local legend. It has been owned and run by family ever since. To locals, it's a place of folklore, nostalgic history, legendary memory and tall tales; to those who visit for the first time, it's good clean family fun!

Over the years little has changed at Fryman's, we're nostalgic like that.  As a vsitor, you can fish off the bank, dock your boat to access Stoner Creek; set up camp, build a campfire and stay the night with us. There are public toilet rooms and sinks on the deck of the Barn Shop, so your family can stay comfortable and tidy after a day of outdoor fun.

There are exciting things in the works at Fryman's.  Recent additions of The Barn- Bait Shop and Gallery, give the family a place to pick up gear before starting out on their adventure. We stock live bait and an assortment of lures. 

860 Spears Mill Rd, Paris Ky 40361.

Bob Fryman with one of his Treeing Walker Coon Hounds

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